Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Smile to prevent wrinkles!

Did you know that it takes four times as many muscles to frown as it does to smile? Frown lines, often found around the eyes and lips, and etched into grooves on the cheeks can be managed with a few tips.
Many facial movements that cause wrinkling of the skin are subconscious. While concentrating, studying or even watching television, some people subconsciously draw their eyebrows together, creating a furrow between the brows. This type of frowning, which uses the Supercilii muscle, has the potential to create wrinkles or lines between the eyebrows, especially if done repetitively.

Squinting is another major culprit of frown lines with many factors causing squints. Bright sunlight, overhead office lights, or reflections off of pavement or water can all cause us to squint to protect our eyes from the glare. Also, if you have prescription glasses or contact lenses, be certain that your prescription is fresh; improperly focused lenses will not only strain your eyes, it will also cause you to squint in an effort to see!

Daily habits can lead to frown lines, as well; in particular, smoking. Often, smokers get smallish frown lines around their lips and deeper lines in the nasolabial fold due to the repetitively inhaling smoke from the cigarette. In addition, smoking releases vast quantities of free radicals in the body—guaranteed to damage both internal organs and the skin, as well as interfere with the production of collagen.

Use an anti-oxidant rich treatment in this area to help smooth and contour fine lines, as well as protect the skin from free-radical damage. Also, try patting a rich eye cream around the eye area twice a day to minimize the effects of squinting.

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