Wednesday, October 15, 2008

How vitamin B helps your skin

By now, you've probably heard of many skincare products that contain either nacin (or vitamin B3) or pantothenic acid (B5). What exactly do they do?

Turns out, they do a lot. Both are helpful in retaining moisture and thus reducing skin irritation. B vitamins are also great exfoliators, helping to clear dull skin and even out skin texture. Topical niacinamide is actually great for every skin type--it prevents pigmentation and minimizes dark spots. Those with sensitive skin will find that niacinamide helps keep irritants from harming delicate skin. Sun damage is repaired, and when used with an SPF product, niacinamide provides excellent all-around sun protection.

Although the effects of topical vitamin B aren't as intense or noticeable as other vitamins (such as vitamin A), most people notice significant improvement in the general look of their skin within four to eight weeks. People who are sensitive to other products can safely use vitamin B without worrying about uncomfortable redness or flaking. Skincare products created with vitamin B can also help to clear up blemishes--a plus if you're experiencing menopausal acne.

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