Friday, October 17, 2008

3 Top Tips for Applying Makeup

Sometimes I get so stuck in my makeup routine that it gets hard to branch out and try something new. Which is why its a good idea to comb the Web for bright new ideas that are simple enough to incorporate on a daily basis.

Create a canvas

If your skin is relatively clear and even, here are some tips on how to create a canvas sans foundation. Apply concealer anywhere that appears dark or red, including under eyes and around the nose. Look for a formula that offers multiple shades, so you can blend to create your perfect shade. If you have oily skin, dust on a little loose powder.

Keep it simple. The easiest way to define your key features with little makeup is to use a natural blush, a coat of mascara and some lip color.

*Cheeks: Choose a natural pink or peach shade that complements your skin tone in a gel or cream formula. Apply color to the apples of the cheeks with your fingers. Brush in a circular motion, blending towards the temples.

*Eyes: When enhancing your eyes, the most important step comes before you set the mascara wand to your lashes — curling. After a few seconds with the eyelash curler, wiggle your mascara brush horizontally to coat upper lashes from root to tip.

*Lips: For a pretty daytime pout, try a natural gloss. For a little more color, select a shade based on your skin tone. Darker skin tones can wear pretty much any shade from deep reds to light pastels. Medium skin tones should choose shaeds with brown undertones like mauves, reds and berry tones. For light skin tones, try pinks and peaches in sheer shades.

Add eye-catching drama

If you have a few extra moments, define eyes with a liner. Choose brown and smoky grays, which look natural on most skin types. Pull your lid taut, so you can easily trace your lid line. Start drawing pencil liner two-thirds into the corner of the eye. Keep the line as close as possible to your lid for the most natural look. For a smokier, sultry eye, line the entire lid and smudge with a cotton swab. Smoky eyes aren’t about precise lines, so you can still achieve this look quickly.

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