Thursday, October 2, 2008

Retinoids: My new love

If there is one ingredient I've found that I would recommend to anyone and everyone (well, almost everyone), its retinoids, or vitamin A. Prescription-strength retinoids can treat everything from acne and warts to wrinkles and sunspots. In my case, I was interested in something that would help with my overall dull complexion. I've only just gotten started with my prescription, but I must say, I'm impressed.

Don't expect immediate results, though. At first, after testing the retinoids on my chin for several nights, I noticed terrible flaking and peeling. I took a night off from the retinoids (you generally don't want to use them during the day, because they make you very sensitive to the sun), and I used a couple drops of jojoba oil--which, amazingly, took care of all the flaking. Its been a couple of months now, and my skin completely adjusted to the retinoids. No flaking or irritation at all. I just have to use a really hydrating lotion, and sometimes I use lotion mid-day as well.

Many people might be too sensitive to the retinoids, so if you find yourself in this boat, you might want to consider retinol instead (which is available over-the-counter, in a variety of anti-aging creams and serums). I might look into an eye cream with retinol at some point if I like the results on the rest of my face. I don't use the retinoids anywhere near my eye area, because my eyes are so easily irritated.


Beauty said...

Excellent post! I've also heard really good things about retinoids. But, have you run across any research about retinol? I imagine it isn't as powerful, because it's sold over-the-counter. My skin is dry and fairly sensitive, so I'm considering it.

Ageless Beauty said...

You should try all-trans retinol, an ingredient available in over-the-counter serums and lotions. It will work to reduce acne, firm the skin, soften wrinkles, etc, but with fewer side effects than retinoids. But, keep in mind that the results won't be as drastic as when using retinoids.