Thursday, November 13, 2008

Need a massage? It's good for skin, too!

As if you needed another reason to pamper yourself, turns out that getting a massage is an amazing treat for your skin. How, you ask?

The first benefit of a massage is improved circulation, which contributes to clear, healthy skin. The body is flooded with oxygen, which improves your skin's tone and color. And, as the sweat glands are stimulated, this regulates the body temperature and improves skin's clarity.

Because massage uses friction on the skin, it also helps to maintain clear pores by manually exfoliating dead skin. This prevents new blemishes from forming.

It can also help to speed up the healing process of scars and stretch marks, because a massage technician helps to manipulate the skin and muscles. This promotes tissue regeneration, and prevents scar tissue from binding together.

Lastly, the oils and lovely fragrances that we can't get enough of. Not only are they relaxing, but many are chock-full of essential oils, vitamins and antioxidant to improve the tone, texture and suppleness of the skin.

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