Tuesday, September 30, 2008

How do those pesky lines form anyway?

Grr. Sometimes I just want my skin to look naturally nice. Which got me to thinking: what are the main ways that these wrinkles and fine lines actually form? Here they are:

*Facial expressions. When we smile, laugh, frown or squint, we use facial muscles. So, naturally over the years, lines and wrinkles develop.

*Environmental enemies. Pollution, chemicals, automotive exhaust, wind and UVA/UVB sun rays attack skin. These environmental factors cause skin to break down, resulting in wrinkles.

*Collagen loss. Collagen is vital in structuring our skin, keeping it soft, smooth and plump. We have lots of collagen when we're young, but with age, collagen decreases and wrinkles form.

*Moisture loss. When skin loses moisture, it becomes drier, contributing to wrinkles. Imagine a wrinkly raisin - basically a dried-up grape!

*Smoking. Toxins in smoke are extremely harmful to skin. Smoke also causes eye irritation, making you squint and leading to wrinkles. If you smoke, do yourself - and your skin! - a favor by quitting.

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